What is Peak State Lifestyle's relationship with the SFM?

I’m an accredited affiliate and member of the SFM. This means that I receive affiliate commissions when I refer a new member/customer to SFM. I learned marketing with the SFM myself so I’m confident I’m recommending some of the best education of it’s type available online.

What is an affiliate and affiliate commission?

SFM & DEA are affiliate companies. This means you can be an affiliate promoting their products and services and get so called affiliate commission. For you to understand what an affiliate is think of it this way. Let´s say you have a retail store where you sell consumer products. You will buy these products with 30-50% of on the retail price, then you raise the price to the retail price so you will earn a profit on the products when you sell them in your store. With affiliate commission, you just refer people to the affiliate companies webpages by marketing the webpages online. When people buy products or services from the companies webpages, you get a affiliate commission. SFM & DEA handles all the selling for you. You just need to market their webpages, nothing more, then they will handle the rest for you. By being an affiliate, you are a vendor but you don´t need a store because the affiliate company has that for you.

How long have SFM been in business?

The founders of SFM, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek have been in the online industry for nearly a decade. SFM began as a marketing platform for online companies back in 2010, but has evolved into one of the industry’s leading online business education programs with members in 140 countries around the world. Their own product line has now been integrated under the name Digital Experts Academy (DEA).

What can I use the training/education I get through Digital Experts Academy for?

Digital Experts Academy educate you to become an independent digital entrepreneur. This means that you will learn internet marketing at a high level. When you know how to do digital marketing, you can basically advertise any web page you want on the internet. There are thousands of affiliate businesses on the internet that you can promote yourself and by this you can create multiple income streams. Other examples of use of your training are: helping local businesses market their websites, if you already have an online business or want to go online with your current business you will learn how to market your business on the internet to get more customers and more revenue. The possibilities are endless as long as you use the knowledge provided. If you don´t use it, then it’s a waste of time for both you and Digital Experts Academy. Because of this, SFM & DEA have an application for you to fill in before you can become a member. We want to know if you are serious. As it is written above, you can create multiple income streams and it is recommend that you do, so you will not be dependant of just one stream.

What do I get when I become a member?

At first, you will go through a step by step program of 5 modules. Everything from setting up your system and tools to a step by step plan on how to start your SFM business. As a new member SFM will always give you a business coach that helps you to start up. You will have 9 tested and integrated websites for various niches in the industry, with a shopping cart and payment system attached so you can promote your web pages. SFM also provides you with a unique backoffice where you have access to training where you can also customize the look of your websites. Additionally, you can set up products and prices, create banners, tracking links, a rotation system for your web pages, see real-time reports on the net with much more! Everything you need is under one roof, from the business system to the education, so you can start up fast regardless if you any earlier experience.

Is there support to help me?

Absolutely, my success as well as the success of SFM depends on your success. You run your own business but not for yourself. We are here to help you kick start your online business quickly so you can get revenue. Through your SFM business platform, you will have access to hundreds of archived courses and different training materials in marketing. Besides this you will have coaches available by phone or online chat and a community of like minded experienced people.

How can I cancel my account with SFM & DEA and am I tied to a contract?

SFM has a 30 day money back guarantee on the Basic Membership. If you, by whatever reason, are not happy or you change your mind, you can request your money back immediately. Besides this you may terminate your account at any time, there are no obligations between you and the SFM & DEA over a longer period. You may terminate your account in your SFM’s backoffice by sending a support ticket at any time with one month’s notice.

How do SFM pay any commissions that I may earn?

Payments are made once per month by bank transfer or via Paypal.

Is there an age limit?

You need to be at least 18 years old.

Digitial Skills Platform

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These bite sized training videos are updated every week and continue to grow to keep up with ever changing digital platforms.

Which platforms do you want to master?

Why I choose The SFM: My goal is to help people find the best quality programs online, and I wanted to provide you my personal review of the best make money training.

My personal opinion: After logging in for the first time to The Six Figure Mentors, I was convinced that the price I paid for membership was far less than the actual value of the service The SFM had to offer. 

This place was unreal…I almost thought I was dreaming. It included more training than any other course I have ever come across. It included tools that people are paying several $100/month for alone. These include website building tools, graphics creators, e-cover creators, viral report generators and a whole lot more to help you get off to a fast start. It also included services I was used to paying for like Web Hosting. And it included something I had never been exposed to…

Personal Support From the Actual Owners And Other Successful Members!

So, before you waste another minute searching for a solution to make money online, check out The Six Figure Mentors.